16 April 2012

10 days away

Away for a while, to do a ten day Vipassana sit, ten days enjoying the gift of silence and mindfulness in the peaceful surrounds of Dhamma Dipa in Herefordshire. The daffodils and narcissus will be well and truly over when I'm back in early May, I'm sure the world will be full of other beautiful things to paint anyway. Be happy, as they say on the meditation courses, be happy!

08 April 2012

happy easter

It's been a lovely, quiet Easter with plenty of time to tinker around the house, as my friend Barbs would say. 

This was a warm up painting to get back into watercolour drawing mode after such a long break. Bit ambitious really, the white flower and the sunlight through the petals and then also the shards of glass that I found back in CT on a tiny beach. Which look more like petals at this stage.

I was tempted by the frilly yellow centre of the daffodil, and the poppy motif on the cup (a wedding gift from the lovely ladies at St Mary's Secret Garden)and didn't give the medium much thought. That's the point of a warm up though right?