23 October 2014

My illustrations on BBC2 with Monty Don this week!

Wow, what a fantastic week for my illustration! Landscape animation whizz Matt Parker over at room 60 turned my plant watercolours into 'Before and After Monty' sequences for a gardening show with Monty Don on BBC2. That's the title sequence up above there with Matt's butterfly making magic with the 4D effect.

It's on from Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. all this week. 

While I love seeing my work in print, and also watching it develop on paper when I'm painting, seeing it unfold in garden vistas on TV takes it to a whole nother level, I gotta tell you. 

Wow, the glowing box in the living room with my very own agaves and astilbes populating the screen!

Heh heh. I am loving that. A lot. 

So much the better that it's a gardening programme featuring real people with their very understandable struggles to match idea to plot and to reality, with the ever cheery and affable Monty dropping by to deliver solid good advice and, occasionally, a hand in the digging and planting. 

Nice work if you can get it, eh, being a gardening rock star? Here's a review in the guardian.

For now though, I'm happy to stick to watercolour plant illustration. 

Warm and cosy and (mostly) indoors works for me at this time of the year - my South  African hands have never quite been able to deal with planting onions in November.

Below, a keyframe from the series, which is how I supplied the illustrations originally.

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