17 December 2009

illustration friday: hatch

A bit more overworked than I would have liked, but I guess the next one will be have a lighter touch.

27 November 2009

illustration friday - music

An experiment in new ways to draw characters, heavily borrowed from one of my favourite illustrators, Piet Grobler.  

click on image to view larger size.

19 November 2009

illustration friday - unbalanced

Was going to take a break this week, but an idea popped into my head as I was paging through some gardening magazines yesterday. 

click on image to view larger

11 November 2009

illustration friday - blur

I was thinking of the way one church blurs into another after a few days of sightseeing, even in bella Italia. Funny thing is that as I was painting this from my travel pics, the sights became vivid again.  So it was a mini trip back to Italy - just the thing for this rainy London day.

see it full size here

03 November 2009

29 October 2009

illustration friday - fast

sleeping hare

On new paper, Fabriano Rosaspina, which I found a bit tricky to photograph and upload since it is tinted. But I'm happy with the way it turned out overall. Inspired by Giselle Potter's illustrations for 'The Big Box'.

24 October 2009

from my sketchbook - virginia creeper

I'm pleased I made this drawing a few weeks ago - all but a few last leaves are still hanging on now. Marker pen on collaged background.

19 October 2009

monday quick drawing - orchids

to loosen up a bit, I used a paintbrush only to mix colours, not to apply them - so that meant painting with paper, tootbrush and bits of cotton

14 October 2009