20 June 2012

midsummer wildflowers

I picked these in Hackney Marsh on Monday, almost in the shadow of the barrier around the Olympics/Radio 1 concert venue which is all fenced up and ready for weekend. Urban pastoral perhaps, but I love the wildness of the marshes, so close to where we live in Hackney, East London. Long may they stay that way. I had to paint quickly - these guys wilt, or the petals drop off, in no time at all. Happy midsummer!

07 June 2012

Some afternoons...

 ...the sun shines for a bit, I have time, the itunes random works just right and some magic happens. One hour becomes two, colours and textures lead one to the next to the next. From my World Famous Razor Clam Collection. More stripey themed warm ups and other bits on flickr.

01 June 2012

Illustration Friday - faded

Not sure about this one, it was pretty last minute and late night, but it was fun to make it happen anyway. Lovely to look through a pile of old World of Interiors magazines for references.