20 June 2012

midsummer wildflowers

I picked these in Hackney Marsh on Monday, almost in the shadow of the barrier around the Olympics/Radio 1 concert venue which is all fenced up and ready for weekend. Urban pastoral perhaps, but I love the wildness of the marshes, so close to where we live in Hackney, East London. Long may they stay that way. I had to paint quickly - these guys wilt, or the petals drop off, in no time at all. Happy midsummer!


  1. Lovely watercolor! Makes me want to pick wildflowers...

    1. Thanks Amy. I've so enjoyed the two jars of flowers on my desk, even if they are so short lived.

  2. Hi Tanja - your work is beautiful! I've only just come across your blog and would love to do a post on your water colours and pin one or two but first I want to make sure that you're happy with that. I'll be back for a visit either way.

  3. thanks heloise,
    I'd love a post 'n pin! And will return the love - your blog looks to be right up my alley, all those bloms and flamingoes. lekker.