25 November 2010

illustration friday - sneaky

That's the local fish shop opposite Hackney Baths, East London, sort of. Acrylic, watercolour and collage on paper.

16 November 2010

summer still life - basil

now sadly in decline, the trusty basil plant grown from seed earlier in the year and painted a few months ago.

15 November 2010

illustration friday - burning

A quick illustration, one of the first things that sprang to mind. It's not a self portrait, since in the first place there's no ginger cat in the house (yet).

22 July 2010

illustration friday - breakfast

this one's for my dad, whose breakfasts are legendary and consist of several courses, even on a weekday. his menu is usually a variation of a smoothie followed by my mom's homemade muesli with fruit and then coffee and toast and a selection of jams and, on the weekend, omelettes. 

watercolour and collage.

28 June 2010


prob have to tidy up this image as it's a bit blue, but here it is for now. this was done a month or so ago, using matchstick ends to draw in the lines initially so it'd stay loose and free. 

click on image to enlarge.

26 June 2010

watercolour studies - tart and tea

I haven't posted for a while. Been doing some colour studies, research, trying to get somewhere new. This is building up to a series, here's one of the studies so far. I'm hoping for greater simplicity as I go along.

11 May 2010

from my sketchbook - seedlings

beans and courgettes ready for planting out are so tempting to draw. 

difficult subject what with all the translucent plastic going on, and still working with a randomly textured background, this time with masking fluid printed onto the surface.

I always find experimental work harder to live with at first, but it's the only way to make progress and discover new things, so here it is,  over textured splatty feel and all.

23 April 2010

illustration friday - detective

A good detective always blends in with the crowd...
Collage, acrylic and watercolour on paper.
Click on the image to view larger size.

07 March 2010

from my sketchbook


a warmup sketch from last year when the dahlias were a dime a dozen at the florist. watercolour and collage.

17 February 2010

hackney fragments

on sunday I was inspired to paint these teeny treasures we found in the soil in hackney. very fun to paint.