28 October 2012

autumn fire

Winter arrived yesterday, before I could find my mittens. How rude. 

I collected this handful of fiery leaves last week. They looked even more incredible on the white of the drawing table. Roast pumpkin for lunch on the same day - perfect autumfest.

Perhaps it's just that I grew up in the Southern Hemisphere, where autumn colours are less of a big deal, but I can't believe that anyone could not go absolutely wild for fallen leaves.

Which are crunchy when raked into piles in the park, deliciously earthy smelling yes yes I know. I can't resist kicking around in them.

But the best bit, the bit I can't get over, is how each one is a such a miraculous jewel of startling, extraordinary colour.

1 comment:

  1. I really love these little watercolor sketches--the nature ones like this and the flowers, and then the ones like the kitchen implements.

    Where I live, the colors are a lot more subtle that these brilliant ones, but so beautiful too.