08 March 2013

afternoon tea delights

I'm not really that much into sweet things, but working on this has given me sugar lust.

I'd go for the jam tart maybe, if the pastry is nice and buttery and the jam home made, or else the madelaine, just fresh out of the oven. 

In the end though, the custard tart with an espresso wins. When we were in Cape Town for our wedding, a Portuguese friend of my dad's brought a whole box fresh from the bakery while the marquee was going up, and we had coffee and the tarts out on the shady verandah to take a break from being stressed erics. 

Love how food and memories intertwine.

Which is your favourite for tea?


  1. Your work is lovely and strong:) Thanks for your comment! Wishing you lots of sunny days!

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  3. Now I'm hungry! Very nice. :-)