17 July 2013

illustration friday: travel

The most memorable birthday coffee and cake ever on that Istanbul visit - a plate of honey-crumbly, crispy light pistachio baklava and a full force, proper coffee, in an aircon, tiled  pastry shop on the newer side of the river amongst the office buildings. 

That's the thing about exploring in a city like Istanbul - you can never say what will surprise you best.  

I did this illustration a good few years ago, as a competition entry for a textile magazine. (Back then, I didn't think twice about including the  printed bits, heh heh. Oops - copyright.)

I'm not sure it's really where I'm at these days, style-wise, but no matter. I'm much more into keeping it easy breezier. Progress!

Still. I thought it might be fun to give it some more mileage, see what happens. Open up the travel illustration possibilities in my work and all.

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  1. Nice to find your blog! I really like this sketchbook page too