06 August 2013

How to keep bees happy - Gardeners' World illustration

This was for Gardeners' World magazine recently, in the July issue which featured gardening for bees. It was a lovely commission, so many of my favourite plants and flowers to paint all in one go, and in enough detail that they are identifiable. 

Pretty intense to work on - watercolour drawings of plants flew onto the page, then to the scanner and then whiz bang wheeee into layers in Photoshop. After that, more tweaks, a couple of add-ins and some changes here and there and many cups of rooibos tea in between.

Still, now I have some idea of what makes a bee's heart happy, and a new appreciation for these furry guys and their patrols of the among the flowers in our back garden, sometimes until late into the summer evenings. 

And a new appreciation, too, for my wacom tablet...


  1. Yessss... you, the garden and the bees. Seems right to me. Congrats on sharing the joy x

  2. What a beautiful commission for you! Excellent work x