28 January 2014

January blues + sunlight.

More watercolours from colour studies inspired by a visit to Turner and the Sea at the National Maritime Museum, another exhibition and a random album cover.

Still on the blue and grey theme, and still remembering Turner's seascapes, here with some sun added. Cadmium yellow, that would be.

I loved a large scale Biggs and Collings painting at the London Art Fair. Flickering complementary colours, stark geometry, lots of greys. I immediately wanted to include it all.

For the next page, an album cover caught my eye on Spotify. Can't even remember what is was. Point is, inspiration finds me once I drop into a groove. 


  1. Beautiful color palette! Love the way you've filled the page with watercolor pattern

  2. These are quite lovely. They would make beautiful textiles!

  3. Thanks Amy and Sarah...hmm, textiles. We'll see.