30 August 2012

illustration friday - tall

A quick one to stretch my newly acquired Photoshop skills - I guess the 'Limpicks seeped into my consciousness after all! The setting was inspired by Clare Mallison's lovely  illustration for a Young Times story, Garden Olympics.


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment. I will keep going.

    Though I love your watercolor flowers, this is really fun. I'm going to take a Photoshop class this fall, so I can learn to do some things like this too.

  2. Hi Tanja,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    Love your flowers!

  3. oh i love these little characters! a see a little book...
    fantastic illustration, such happy charm

  4. thanks for the photoshop tip, I can always use help in that dept. :)
    (too many life distractions to make a lot of quick progress I think...)

  5. thanks tatjana and andreajane...and yes, I do think a little book sometime in the near future.