23 August 2012

nasturtiums and cosmos

Aargh...am I turning into a flower painter? Is that a Bad Thing?

Well, the fact is my friends, I enjoy painting flowers, a lot. And have been since I was about 8 years old. So somewhere, somehow, it's my thing.

Is it my only thing? This is the question. 

For now, I see some flowers, I paint 'em, I enjoy the looking(and it's like shooting fish in a barrel too I might add). 

Then I share them with you. That's cool with me. 

This is teeny, postcard sized. The vase was a present from my lovely sis, who is always so thoughtful with gifts.


  1. Lovely! Loose but you've still captured the individual leaves and flowers perfectly. And I know what you mean about the flower-painting, except with me, it's birds. They just keep turning up in my work! But flowers and birds make excellent watercolor muses, yes?

  2. there's flowers and there's flowers...
    yours are lovely.
    the poppies!!!!
    I'd love to have a wall papered with them.